Enjung Galuh Area


Enjung Galuh area is one of interesting place in Tanah Lot which become most favorite place to do some activities like :

  • Watching sunset, located on above of rock stick out in to the sea, this place is one of best place to watching and catching sunset.
  • Fotography shot, from this place you can see many Tanah Lot Temple angle. So that, this place usually visit by visitor which very like with fotography world.
  • Pre-wedding foto shot, enjung galuh is one of place in Bali which usually made for pre-wedding foto shot. With Tanah Lot Temple and blue ocean background, your pre-wedding moment will become fantastic and ancient nature athmosphere for your wedding memories.
  • Fishing area, walked along Enjung Galuh Temple until arrive at the rock, you will find a place for fishing. This area is really good area for fishermen to do their hobby. While cathcing fish, you can enjoy the panorama of Tanah Lot Temple and blue ocean in the morning and afternoon.
  • Relax time, enjung galuh area also have green garden for visitor to having relax with their family, friend, and any other. Enjung galuh garden also have many "saka pat" that is place for relax with chair and table. Very compatible for relax after walked along tanah lot area.