• 21 April 2018
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Laser Light Show at Opening Ceremony, Tanah Lot Art & Culture Weekend Event

Laser Light Show at Opening Ceremony, Tanah Lot Art & Culture Weekend Event

Different atmosphere looks coloring Tanah Lot tourist attractions, Friday (20/4/2018) afternoon yesterday. If previously, the famous tourist attraction with a view of the temple in the middle of the sea with this sunset is empty of visitors at 6 Pm or after sunset, this time the tourists are pampered with a variety of performing arts adorned with beautiful laser lighting. Held for three days starting from Friday (20/4) to Sunday (22/4), Art & Culture Weekend Event opened by Tabanan Regent Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti marked by the ignition of laser lights that started with Rejang Renteng Dance. Followed by contemporary Cak dance performances by students who are members of Teater Jineng SMA N 1 Tabanan (Smasta).

Tabanan Regent Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti said that this event is premiering in Tabanan and Tanah Lot  is believed to be the location of the event. "For three days visitors will enjoy the light garden, laser game from the side of different dimensions. Because speaking culture and art but how to create art of today, Tanah Lot will look more beautiful and beautiful, "he said.

Not only that, visitors are also spoiled with various treats of coffee in the coffee festival considering Tabanan has a variety of local coffee products, robusta type with a variety of production. "In the future we will make a Tabanan starbuck, because Tabanan has tremendous coffee potential," he added. Regent Eka also targets for three days of event to 48 thousand visitors.

Tanah Lot Manager I Ketut Toya Adnyana said Tanah Lot art & culture weekend event that was held during the next three days can increase the number of visitors. If in a day the average number of normal visitors reach 10 thousand tourists, with this event targeted there is an increase of visitors to 15 thousand. "Our wishes hopefully more than that," he said.

He said that this event is expected to give the foresight that Tanah Lot is safe and comfortable to visit so that tourists do not hesitate to come. Given the visit had decreased due to eruption of Mount Agung. "Event this time we also include some Bumdes with Coffee products as local potential of Tabanan," he explained.

During the next three days visitors of DTW Tanah Lot will be treated to a variety of art and culture activities such as Cak Kontemporer, Gamelan Suling Gita Semara, Joged Bumbung Mebarung, national singer Tika Pagraky and art performances from indigenous village of Kediri district. Not only that, also served coffee festival followed by several Bumdes built include Coffee Celepuk Jatiluwih, Sri Sedana Munduk Temu, Batu Sari Batungsel, Tugu Sari Pajahan, Bumdes Pujungan. This coffee dish is packed with paid and non-paid formats.



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