• 23 April 2018
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Selfie Spot and Cosplay, The Most Favorite Item at Tanah Lot Art & Culture Weekend Event

Selfie Spot and Cosplay, The Most Favorite Item at Tanah Lot Art & Culture Weekend Event

Tanah Lot Art and Culture Weekend Event is a cultural art treat that can suck the attention of tourists. Especially the selfie spots and cosplay are specially provided by the committee, invaded by visitors. The flickering lights that adorn the place are so tempting, so everyone is captivated to immortalize his photograph there. Similarly, live laser is displayed, also very stunning.

Before Tanah Lot Art And Culture was started, visitors have started to arrive. In addition there are selfie spots, coffie festivals from various Bumdes in Tabanan regency are also many peminatnya.Holiday cosplay also much invaded visitors especially children. "As a step to restore Bali tourism, especially Tabanan, Tanah Lot Art and Culture Weekend Event will be held," said Tanah Lot Operational Manager I Ketut Toya Adnyana.

Mount Agung eruption that occurred some time ago, clearly Toya Adnyana, resulting in a decrease in tourist arrivals to Tanah Lot in 2017. Moreover, the closure of Ngurah Rai International Airport because of the eruption. "The three-day event is a collaboration event that has never existed before. Events that combine ideas, imagination, experience, interactive and initiative will rely on the art of culture-backed multimedia digital effects displaying modern visualization, "he explained.

Toya Adnyana explains, there are three segments in the event of Tanah Lot Art Festival Weekend Event namely Art and Culture with contemporary cak performance, national singer Tika Pagraky, Gamelan Suling Gita Semara, Joged Bumbung, and artist from Pakraman Village Kediri Sub-district. The second staging is After Sunset Illuminated Garden (Light Garden). After sunset, such as meteor gate, holoscreen fauna, cosmic tree, fog machine, outline tree, tree video mapping, glow in the dark, light tree, view stone.

In addition, packaged in a video projection format, a visual art form of optical illusion creation, using lighting and projection techniques that display digital video graphics to an object, or a particular field so as to change its initial shape into a different and fantastic new form. "Tanah Lot Art and Culture weekend event was also enlivened by a coffee festival by presenting coffee from BUMDes.



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