• 13 Oktober 2018
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Okokan Welcomes IMF-WB Delegation at Tanah Lot

Okokan Welcomes IMF-WB Delegation at Tanah Lot

Although only 40 minutes, hundreds of IMF-World Bank delegates seemed to be very impressed with the beauty of the Tanah Lot DTW panorama, Wednesday (10/10). They were welcomed by Okokan who were also Tabanan special arts, and were treated to Balinese snack, one of them was the Tanah Lot typical klepon in wantilan Tanah Lot Temple.
Divided into two visiting sessions, the first group of three buses arrived at 10:15 a.m. Continued the second visit as many as four buses arrived at 2:30 p.m. The arrival of this delegation group also received security attention from the ranks of the Tabanan Police Station and Kodim 1619 / Tabanan.
After being greeted with Okokan, the delegation was then directed to wantilan Luhur Tanah Lot Temple before enjoying the tourist attraction. Utilizing this good moment,  were presented to be able to promote Tabanan original products presented by the Regional Company Darma Santika (PDDS) with a variety of Balinese food and coffee processed products, as well as Prabu Kreasi with traditional Balinese clothing.
Tanah Lot Manager, I Ketut Toya Adnyana, together with the Head of Tourism Office I Made Yasa on the sidelines of the visit of the delegates, said a number of preparations had been carried out, especially in terms of maintaining the cleanliness of the tourist area. "Since long ago, we have prepared for the visit of the delegation, of course, to coordinate with related agencies in the province or in the district, which is related to security and cleanliness," he said. During the visit of the delegates, Toya continued, public visits also remained open.
On the other hand, the Head of the Tabanan Tourism Office, I Made Yasa, said, in addition to the official visit of the two hundred delegates, earlier Sunday (7/10), a number of delegations had also visited Tanah Lot to take advantage of free time.
Meanwhile, one of the delegates from Honduras, Juliet, when confirmed claimed to be very impressed with the panoramic beauty of Tanah Lot. Not only the beautiful beaches, the splendor of Tanah Lot Temple also adds its own beauty which forces it to capture the moment of this short visit through the camera it carries. And what is not forgotten is also the taste of Balinese snacks served. "It's amazing, I want to come again to Bali next time," he said. Not only extraordinary attractions, Balinese hospitality was also greatly appreciated by a number of delegates. This is what makes them feel very happy to have the opportunity to visit Bali. After visiting Tanah Lot, according to the agenda, the delegation went to other attractions such as Taman Ayun, Mengwi Badung.
As is known the agenda of the Meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, in Nusa Dua Bali is expected to become a promotional event, especially the delegates and their extended families are also scheduled to visit a number of tourist attractions. One of them is in Tanah Lot.



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