• 26 November 2018
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"Sunset Seeing" at Batu Bolong Temple Tanah Lot

Batu Bolong temple located on one of the njung, cliffs (land jutting into the sea) in Tanah Lot. This rock cliff in the middle is hollow (hollow), so that Balinese people call it Njung Batu Bolong. The shape of the hole is like ardha candra (crescent moon), so that when taking a photo from Njung Galuh (east of Batu Bolong temple) it creates a unique and beautiful panorama.
Moreover, coupled with the waves crashing against the waves that come from the beach, truly a unique natural attraction. This temple is the second most visited by tourists besides Tanah Lot Temple. "This temple is very popular with tourists as a location to enjoy the sunset, sunset because it lies jutting into the middle of the sea and is not blocked by anything. If you go there it's good in the afternoon, "said Made Sulindera, pengempon (person in charge) of  Batu Bolong temple.
Hindu communities usually use this temple to hold Melasti ceremonies or other religious ceremonies. If there is a Pakelem ceremony in Tanah Lot beach wewalungan (animal) that is used by the pakelem ceremony around Batu Bolong temple. Temple ceremony in Batu Bolong temple on Wednesday Wage Wara Langkir (January 9, 2019) which is held for 3 days. "This temple is a favorite location to enjoy the sunset for tourists visiting this place," he explained.
Made Sulindera said, towards the afternoon the visitors both domestic and foreign tourists began to shift to the west waiting for the sunset. The tourists relax by sitting in the shady Njung Galuh area. "When it's a moment of sunset, tourists immediately capture the beauty of nature through the camera. Not a few of them use cellphones too, "
Mr. Aldrich, a British tourist who traveled with his wife claimed to be amazed by the place (the location of Batu Bolong Temple red). The natural scenery was very unique, so it made him interested in going to Tanah Lot. There are many places to dance in this area of ??the object. "We are very happy and want to linger and relax here," he smiled.
Similarly, the acknowledgment of Dewi Rejiki. The mother of three sons intentionally came from Surabaya where she lived to be able to see the beauty of the Tanah Lot. Its presence in this tourist spot, is indeed not the first time, so that you already know and know when these beautiful moments are interesting immortalized. "At first we were curious about the story of a friend who said the beauty of Tanah Lot. We then traveled after the holidays. Apparently, right and addicted", she added.



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