• 06 Desember 2018
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Religious Ceremony at Tanah Lot

Religious Ceremony at Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot, carrying out a religious ceremony on several new buildings is the result of renovations. The ceremony was attended by pengempon Tanah Lot Temple and several staff and employees of Tanah Lot management. The presentation ceremony was fostered by Ida Pedanda from Griya Taman Blayu and Ida Rsi from Griya Tegal Nyitdah, Wednesday (5/12). Interestingly, this ritual activity is also a main attraction for tourists.
The ceremony consists of Candi Bentar, Wantilan, Pelinggih Sedahin Margi and installation of paving in the pelaba pura parking area. After working for around 6 months, all the buildings have now been completed. In order for the building to be utilized, the ceremony was held. "Renovation of some of these buildings to beautify the area of ??the object. Therefore, there is also the addition of a dragon statue around the Gate which is still adjacent to the Wantilan Tanah Lot, "said Operations Manager Tanah Lot. Renovating main gate and parking area gate of ??Pemedek is becoming an attractive spot for tourists. Moreover, coupled with the placement of several statues and statues of dragons that strikingly disturb the interest of tourists for self-photos. "The spot for temples with sea backgrounds is a special spot," added Ketut Toya.
While the parking area in the west side, which is usually used as a venue for exhibitions, is now tidied up with a paving system. While around it laid out with neat landscaping. "If to gives a sense of security and comfort to tourists, the management of Tanah Lot  is indeed serious. The arrangement and revamping of the infrastructure, especially the repair of sidewalks to provide comfort for pedestrians has been carried out since a long time ago, "he added.



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