• 15 Desember 2018
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Welcoming New Year 2019, Tanah Lot Will Held Open House

Welcoming New Year 2019, Tanah Lot Will Held Open House

The arrival of tourists to an area cannot be separated from the role and promotion of tourism agents, guides and drivers. To establish good relations with them while welcoming the new year 2019 Tanah Lot tourist attraction held an open house. The open house is held in the Tanah Lot parking lot for three days, from Sunday (12/30/2018) to Tuesday (1/1/2019).

The agents, guides and drivers who take guests to the Tanah Lot area are served drinks and snacks for free. From staff to Tanah Lot Manager, Ketut Toya Adnyana welcomed guests who were none other than agents, guides and drivers. They also prepared special tables and tents. To enjoy soft drinks and balinese cakes for free. Not only that, they were also given souvenirs such as t-shirt and  calendars containing pictures of Tanah Lot. Not only that, also provides free entertainment in the form of joged bumbung dance which provides an opportunity for tourists to ngibing.

Operational Manager of  Tanah Lot I Ketut Toya Adnyana said that the open house is a routine activity held every year. "The aim is to establish good relations with the agents, guides and drivers who usually take tourists to the Tanah Lot area," he said. He said the open house was held all three days starting on Sunday (12/30/2018) until Monday (01/01/2019). As for what is provided from the open house such as coffee, small drinks, and provided a memory in the form of a calendar and T-shirt. "That is what we give to them, and at the same time express our gratitude and happy new year 2019, with the aim of working in the future as a family, so that there will be memories of him here," he explained.

With the existence of the open house, he hoped that the agents felt that they were considered as a large family of Tanah Lot, thus it would not be awkward to invite its guests to visit the Tanah Lot area. At the same time, the Tanah Lot hoped for input from them for evaluation and improvement in the future.



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