• 05 Maret 2019
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Melasti, Becomes a Unique Moment and Attracts Tourist at Tanah Lot

Melasti, Becomes a Unique Moment and Attracts Tourist at Tanah Lot

Nyepi Day of year 1941 will fall on Thursday March, 7, 2019. One of the series of Nyepi days is the purification of the nature and the human itself which is usually held a few days before Nyepi. On Tanah Lot itself, the process of purifying nature ahead of Nyepi day, Melasti, became a unique moment and became a special attraction for tourists. Evidently, on Monday, March 4, 2019 when the residents of Beraban village carried out the Melasti ceremony procession to this famous tourist area in Tabanan, the tourists seemed to endlessly capture the moment of the accompaniment of residents who dressed in traditional clothes toTanah Lot beach.

The procession starts at 3 p.m. by walking from Bale Agung temple as a gathering place for all equippments from all the temples in the area of Beraban village, towards the Tanah Lot beach. The Melasti procession in the Tanah Lot involves at least thousands of residents from fifteen traditional banjar or hamlets in Beraban village, making it very lively and attracting the attention of tourists. Even this afternoon, Tanah Lot is filled with Hindus who carry out ascertainment rituals and have time to create traffic jams along the Tanah Lot route.

During the Melasti process, residents who brought pratima and other sacred objects also slid their feet into the waters as a symbol of purification so that the implementation of Nyepi Day was calm and peaceful. This cleansing procession includes two things, namely "bhuana agung" or the universe and "bhuana alit" which are translated as body and soul. Each of these temples carries pratima, so you can imagine the procession of the Beraban people who carry out the melasti ritual to Tanah Lot will be very crowded and lively.

With the Melasti procession in Beraban Village, the road from the north side of Beraban Village to the south until Tanah Lot was closed for a while until confirmation arrived at Tanah Lot beach. So that for visitors who are in Tanah Lot, they have not been able to leave Tanah Lot, and vice versa for visitors heading to the Tanah Lot  have not been able to cross until the arrival arrives at the beach.

Tanah Lot Operational Manager, I Ketut Toya Adnyana, SP said it had anticipated visitors from the beginning and traffic flow related to the certainty procession. Because that day from the morning the procession of reassurance from other regions had also begun to arrive. And specifically for  Beraban Village will walk to Tanah Lot beach at 3 p.m. until it is finished. "We have informed in advance about the appeal of this procession. So tourists who want to witness first hand will definitely wait and those who might be chased after the tour will definitely leave the area first. We have also anticipated traffic flow regulation with the police, Pecalang, and security so that the certainty procession can run smoothly, "he explained.

Meanwhile during Nyepi day, Thursday March, 7, 2019, Tanah Lot will be closed for 24 hours and will be open again on Friday March, 8, 2019.



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