• 09 Mei 2019
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Tanah Lot Human Resource Development Program: Information Sharing About Development of Terrorism and its Prevention Efforts and Public Service Ethics

Tanah Lot Human Resource Development Program: Information Sharing About Development of Terrorism and its Prevention Efforts and Public Service Ethics

  Tanah Lot always strives to provide maximum service to tourists who visit. Therefore, to improve the quality of services for tourists visiting Tanah Lot, Operational Management holds training and debriefing of human resources (HR) for employees. This year's training program is divided into 3 activity sessions. Session I was held on Wednesday (08/05/2019) which took the theme of the Dangers of Terrorism and Public Service Ethics. This session presents speakers directly from the Tabanan Resort Police represented by the AKP. Ni Made Lestari, SH, MH, who is the Head of the Tabanan Regional Police Community Counseling to share information about the Development of Terrorism and Prevention Measures. For the presentation of the ethics of public service, it was presented directly by the Operations Manager. Both of these themes are very important because Tanah Lot is a tourist area visited by many domestic and foreign tourists. The existence of this training is also in accordance with the conditions of the Tanah Lot which in fact is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Bali.

The debriefing event was attended by 153 employees at the Wantilan Pura Luhur Pakendungan . Regarding the development of terrorism, AKP Ni Made Lestari explained that currently the development of terrorism is very massive and structured because terrorist networks are very easy to infiltrate society with technological advances such as through social media. "Today the way to transmit radicalism is growing rapidly. The most effective is through social media because they do not know the time and place. Anyone, anytime, and anywhere people can easily access only with the capital of an Android phone and internet package, "she said. Whereas prevention efforts cannot be done only by the government or security forces, but all elements of society must play a role. Starting from ourselves and immediate family. We all need to be actively involved because the development is very fast.

"Prevention efforts alone cannot be carried out by the government or security forces, but the community must also play a role. The way is from ourselves, family, or even neighbors in our neighborhood. If there is a suspicious gesture, it is better to report it to the nearest apparatus so that it can be checked later. With these efforts it is expected to prevent the occurrence of acts of terrorism that are disturbing the public. In addition, from the government itself, it also de-radicalizes people who have been in contact with or involved in radicalism and acts of terrorism, "she added. "So if it is applied at Tanah Lot, then all elements, be it employees, traders, surrounding communities must be anticipatory to prevent acts of terrorism. Because the Tanah Lot has been famous to the world level, if just one incident then the effect will be very extraordinary. So let's take care together for security, comfort and continuity going forward, "he concluded.

Meanwhile, the presentation of the Operational Manager on Public Service Ethics focuses more on simple but memorable services. With the principle of smile, greetings, greetings will leave a positive impression for tourists. They will feel more comfortable and familiar. "As tourism servants, it must be more dynamic and friendly to tourists. Because tourism knows the concept of Sapta Pesona, where it has been clearly described. There is Hospitality, where hospitality will eventually leave its own memories for tourists, "he said. "With excellent service and innovation in the field, tourists are expected to return to the Tanah Lot that we are proud of," he concluded.

The second session will be held today Thursday (09/05/2019) in the form of a dharma wacana with speakers Ida Pandita Mpu Nabe Jaya Acharya Nanda. And the third session continued with Tirta Yatra to Watu Klotok Temple, Goa Lawah Temple, and Besakih Temple which will be held on11-12 May 2019.



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