• 08 Juni 2019
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Tourists Fulfill Tanah Lot During Eid Mubarak Holiday

Tourists Fulfill Tanah Lot During Eid Mubarak Holiday

Eid Mubarak falls on 5-6 June 2019. Like the previous year's Eid holiday, Tanah Lot is still a favorite place to enjoy the Eid holiday atmosphere which coincides with tourist holidays this year. Since two days before Eid, the flow of tourist arrivals to Tanah Lot has indeed begun to surge. Thousands of tourists visiting this place come from various cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bogor, Malang, Sidoarjo, Bandung, Jogjakarta, and Makassar. Besides that, foreign tourists are also not less crowded. Starting from two days before holiday, Tanah Lot has been filled with tourists. From the data obtained the number of visitors reached 10,654 where 6,587 were domestic tourists and 4,367 were foreign tourists. Whereas during the one day before holiday the number of visitors increased to 11,926 where 7,345 were domestic and 4,581 were foreign.

"From our observation, on H-2 Eid, tourists have started to packed Tanah Lot," said Toya Adnyana as Tanah Lot's Operational Manager. "From the data we monitored, H-2 Eid reached 10,654 and H-1 reached 11,926. When the first day of the visit increased to 13,818 and the second day of Eid to 14,427. Where the comparison is more domestic tourists indeed, "he explained. "After the previous weeks the visit was dominated by foreign countries, on the contrary when this holiday was domestic domination," he added.

"It looks like the number of visits will be up to June 9 because it fits well with the weekend. So for smoothness, a week before, had made preparations in the field including coordinating with the police to make security in Tanah Lot during the holiday season, "he added. In addition, in terms of security, the manager also alerted their security officers in the field. And with the installation of several additional surveillance cameras (32 CCTVs) at densely prone points, it is hoped that things will not happen that could harm tourists, and of course tourist security is maintained so that tourists feel safe being on Tanah Lot. Related parties have also been prepared to anticipate the number of tourists who increase during the Eid holiday, both from improving the quality of services to tourists while continuing to coordinate with each of the previous departments.

On Tanah Lot, thousands of tourists carry out various activities ranging from just walking around in tourist areas, temporary tattoos, seeing sacred snakes, holy water, shooting, shopping tours, culinary tours, or just sitting around at some café and restaurant while chatting with their friends or family. But the most awaited is when the emergence of sunset that has been famous for its beauty to foreign countries. This momentum is usually the most awaited by tourists and of course they will capture the moment with their camera shots.