• 20 Juni 2019
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Enchantment of Tanah Lot Holy Spring

Enchantment of Tanah Lot Holy Spring

Hearing or reading about Tanah Lot, automatically our image is always about the beauty of the sunset that has been famous to foreign countries. Indeed, aside from being a religious and cultural tourism destination, Tanah Lot is famous for the beautiful panoramic views of the beach. Many tourists wait for sunset, because the view of the sea at that time will be very beautiful and romantic. In certain months between the cliffs of Tanah Lot, we can watch the sun set where it looks like a red ball seen peeking between cliffs. This is a very beautiful sight and has been known by tourists from all corners of the world

But there is one more spot that is never visited by tourists every day, holy spring. Holy Spring is one of the legends in Tanah Lot because it is said that this holy water comes from the middle of the sea. Visitors can drink the holy water or just wash their hands and face which is said to have many benefits. One of them is believed that this holy water can cure several diseases that are being suffered. Or even for those who want to have children, by drinking holy water it is believed that children can give it. And many also pray for the safety and happiness in their lives as long as they are based on a clean heart and keiklasan supposedly all their hopes will come true.

Sounds a bit ridiculous to believe in a myth like that. But there's nothing wrong with entertaining yourself by trying it out. The source of fresh water in Tanah Lot is at the bottom of the tiny island. Fresh water does indeed feel fresh and refreshing when taken by mouth. There are tourists who drink it by collecting in hand. There are also tourists who use to wash their faces. There are even tourists who put the fresh water into a bottle. Maybe for souvenirs for other siblings.

The holy water is guarded by several stakeholders who take turns in daily duty. The aim is to serve tourists who might want to pray for a moment or request the holy water. There is no reciprocity or some kind of price offered in the holy water. All of that goes back to the visit of tourists to donate to Tanah Lot Temple.



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