• 01 Januari 2020
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The beginning of 2020 in Tanah Lot

The beginning of 2020 in Tanah Lot

Entering the beginning of 2020, Tanah Lot is still a favorite tourist destination for foreign and domestic tourists. From observation in the field, in the morning the tourist area is already filled with visitors who are dominated by domestic visitors outside Bali with private vehicles and is expected to continue to crowded until the afternoon.

Reviewing the number of tourist arrivals in 2019 has indeed decreased by 9% when compared with the target set. The number of visits in 2019 was 2,797,126 with a target of 3,071,233 visits. Based on the results of the analysis, several factors causing the decrease in the number of visits in 2019 were dominant due to economic factors such as the impact of the increase in the price of domestic airplane tickets some time ago, besides that natural disasters still hit several regions in Indonesia. "Indeed, for the number of visits in 2019 decreased by about 9%. But we cannot deny these external factors. We have tried our best, but we cannot deny that factor, "said Operational Manager I Ketut Toya Adnyana on the sidelines of the open house event, Wednesday (1/1).
Toya Adnyana said, despite the decline in the number of visits due to several factors, but his side remained optimistic going forward. "If these natural factors cannot be predicted, we can only try to continue to provide maximum service and to intensify promotions both directly and through social media which is now a trend," he said.

During the new year, the tourist attraction that relies on natural charm and the sanctity of the temple in the middle of the sea is full of tourists, which are dominated by domestic tourists. According to Toya Adnyana, the beautiful sunset is still a favorite for tourists. There are also many tourists with a background in Tanah Lot Temple, located in the middle of the sea. Holy springs, and snakes are also a tourist attraction.

Then related to the Open House event, is a way of operational management to give appreciation to tourism stakeholders. Open House last day provides snacks and various special drinks for the driver, guide and tour leader. In addition they can also enjoy traditional culinary delights such as cantok, rujak, klepon, and daluman ice. In the afternoon, it was enlivened by the traditional art of joged bumbung dance.

Gunawan, a tour leader of one of the travel agents in Yogyakarta said, he really appreciated the open house activity. "I really appreciate the activities of the Tanah Lot management, especially by giving souvenirs of clothes or calendars to the drivers and guides. Because it is regularly held, we agents have planned a visit to Tanah Lot hoping to get free T-shirts, "he hoped



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