Holy Snake

Holy Snake

Holy snake is one Tanah Lot legend that villagers believed all snake in Tanah lot Temple with black and white relief are guardians  Tanah Lot Temple from badness. They are not danger and life as reptile organism.



Yeh Kutikan

  • Yeh Kutikan is located at  west side of Warung Mandala. With sea views that are equally beautiful, this place can be used as an alternative to enjoy the waves without noise and often used as a fishing spot by local and foreign fishermen. [...]



Art Market

  • Tanah Lot completed with Art Market for all of visitors who wants to buy any gift especially Balinese art gift. You could choose many kind of gift, for example shirt, sarong, hat, sandal, merchandise, painting, statue and other gift with Balinese style.  With complete art market, we hope all of visitors satisfied and enjoyable to visit Tanah Lot. [...]



Holy Spring

  • Holy Spring is one of the legends in Tanah Lot because supposedly this holy spring comes from the middle of the sea. Visitors can drink the holy spring or just wash hands and faces that supposedly benefited a lot. One is believed that this holy spring can cure some of the illness that is suffered. Or even for those who want to have children, by drinking this holy spring is believed to be given a child. And many are praying for salvation and happiness in their lives from a clean heart and sincerity that all hope will come true. [...]



Tri Antaka Monument

  • Since March 1946, the NICA (Netherlands Indies Civil Administration) had already full power in Tabanan Town. There is a man “I Gusti Ketut Kereg” and his friend “I Wayan Kamias” at that time was given an assignment to be a spy for the Main Army Station of Republic of Indonesia Fights Council under leader of Letkol I Gusti Ngurah Rai to fight against the NICA army. All the Indonesian freedom fighter of Tabanan including I Gusti Ketut Kereg and his friend started to search safe place in some villages in the South of Tabanan and keep fighting. Until June 10th 1946 they was hemmed in Tanah Lot Area and started to fire at each other with NICA army, so that I Gusti Ketut Kereg and his friend was killed and NICA army also had successful prisoner 90 the other Indonesian fighters and killed one of them “I Nyoman Regug” from Beraban village. To respect all the merit of their fighting against the NICA for Indonesian freedom, the Local Government with Ber [...]



Enjung Galuh Area

  • Enjung Galuh area is one of interesting place in Tanah Lot which become most favorite place to do some activities like : - Watching sunset, located on above of rock stick out in to the sea, this place is one of best place to watching and catching sunset. - Fotography shot, from this place you can see many Tanah Lot Temple angle. So that, this place usually visit by visitor which very like with fotography world. - Pre-wedding foto shot, enjung galuh is one of place in Bali which usually made for pre-wedding foto shot. With Tanah Lot Temple and blue ocean background, your pre-wedding moment will become fantastic and ancient nature athmosphere for your wedding memories. - Fishing area, walked along Enjung Galuh Temple until arrive at the rock, you will find a place for fishing. This area is really good area for fishermen to do their hobby. While cathcing fish, you can enjoy the panorama of Tanah Lot Temple and blue ocean in the morning and afternoon. - Relax time, e [...]



Sunset Terrace

  • Sunset Terrace is one place in Tanah Lot area provides the perfect setting to create unforgettable moment of Sunset. With beautiful panorama, you could enjoy luxurious breakfast and lunch. You could relax with your favorite meal or beverages also you could enjoy the Panorama of Tanah Lot Temple when the water was of tide. Tanah Lot Sunset Terrace is located in the North of Tanah Lot Temple, where you can find unforgettable moment of Sunset in Tanah Lot. [...]