• 02 September 2020
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During Pandemic, Tanah Lot Stays a Favorite Destination

During Pandemic, Tanah Lot Stays a Favorite Destination

Sunset and temple located in the middle of the sea remain a favorite for tourists visiting Tanah Lot tourism attraction. After the reopening of the attraction at Beraban Village, Kediri, Tabanan, tourists are still attracted by the beauty of the sunset and the panoramic view of the temple. As evidence, they always snapshot with the background of the temple and sunset. In addition, they also visit other points of interest such as the cave dwelled by sea snake, sacred springs, perforated rocks and others.

Operations Manager of Tanah Lot tourist attraction, I Ketut Toya Adnyana, stated that tourist visits to Tanah Lot could not be normal yet as ever before the Covid-19 pandemic almost hammering the entire world. Moreover, on July 31 the tourism was just reopened for the domestic market. “Hopefully, the reopening of Bali tourism for domestic tourists can boost tourist visits to Tanah Lot. We also hope that foreign markets can be reopened in the future because so far China has dominated the visit to Tanah Lot,” he said.

For almost two weeks since it opened on July 20, Tanah Lot tourist attraction is still a choice for tourists to make a visit. They are dominated by domestic tourists, and some foreign tourists. Based on data from the management agency, the number of tourist visits from July 20 to July 31 reached 4,179 domestic tourists and 225 foreign tourists. “With the opening of the domestic market as of July 31 by the government, we hope to boost domestic visits to Tanah Lot in particular,” he hoped.

Toya Adnyana explained that after almost four months of not receiving tourist visits, finally Tanah Lot was reopened. The decision to reopen the tourist area which is famous for its natural beauty, temple and sunset, has gone through a fairly long verification process. “Now, after receiving the certificate of the New Era Life Order (New Normal) immediately submitted by the Regent of Tabanan along with the opening of five tourist attractions in Tabanan District on 20 July 2020, we are sure the tourist attraction will be reopened,” he explained.

The verification process is carried out in two stages. First stage was held on Friday (Jun. 12) by the Tabanan Covid-19 Taskforce chaired by the Tabanan District Secretary, Dr. I Gede Susila, accompanied by the Head of the Tabanan Tourism Office I Gede Sukanada. Second stage verification was carried out on Sunday (Jul. 12) by the same party. “Verification is carried out in two stages with the aim of ensuring the readiness of Tanah Lot tourist attraction in implementing the New Era Life Order (New Normal) protocol, so as to ensure that tourists remain safe when traveling to Tanah Lot,” he said.

Toya Adnyana emphasized that he and all the management staff strongly support the verification, so that it is more convincing for all parties including tourists that the Tanah Lot attraction is safe to visit and ready with the New Era Life Order protocol with the certification of the Tanah Lot attraction. “We are very enthusiastic about the holding of this verification stage to further convince tourists, especially that Tanah Lot attraction is worth visiting and not to worry because it has implemented protocols obediently,” he promoted.



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