• 21 Oktober 2020
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It’s Safe to Visit Tanah Lot

It’s Safe to Visit Tanah Lot

If you want to travel to Tanah Lot tourist attraction, do not hesitate. This happens because the tourist attraction located at Beraban Village, Kediri, Tabanan, has implemented the Health Protocol in accordance with government directives since it was reopened on July 20, 2020. Moreover, it already obtained a Certificate of Verification of the New Era of Life (New Normal), so that it is able to create a sense of security and comfort when traveling.

“We have gone through the verification process twice, namely in June and early July. Since the beginning, we are still disciplined in implementing the health protocol, be it for tourists, traders or staff,” said Operations Manager, Ketut Toya Adnyana.

In an effort to invite visitors to live a clean lifestyle, the management of Tanah Lot has provided 15 units of portable sink to wash hands. The placement is scattered, including at the ticket gate, ticket checking area, office, parking lot, gate to the beach, the beach public relations office area, the Tanah Lot wantilan area, the Enjung Galuh area to the parking area of the temple’s land property. “Visitors, staff, traders and people wishing to go to the tourist attraction must wash their hands with soap and running water,” said the man from Beraban Village.

Tanah Lot tourist attraction applies strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). If there are visitors that do not wear masks, they are not allowed to enter the tourist attraction area before wearing masks. On that account, management provides several free masks. “We give our appreciation to visitors because so far there have been no visitors who do not wear masks. At first, there were visitors bringing along with masks, but they did not use it. Then, we reprimanded and advised them to wear the mask. We urged that through loudspeakers,” he added.

The management also prepares hand sanitizers for visitors and staff. All staff also wears Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the form of a face shield having been prepared from the start. “We are also preparing a thermo gun to measure body temperature. Drivers will be checked for their body temperature when bringing visitors right on the purchase of admission ticket. After getting off the vehicle, visitors must wash their hands first and then they will have their body temperature checked. If their body temperature is normal, they can enter the area,” explained Toya Adnyana.

Apart from appeals with loudspeakers, Tanah Lot has also prepared an appeal in writing, in the form of banners and standing banners installed in front of the area to the beach area. “This is for education about health protocols. All the staff is urged directly through the staffing or from each division head. This is done regularly so that staff remains disciplined with health protocols. We also provide information through photos and videos on social media about the implementation of health protocols so that staff and visitors who are going to travel will prepare themselves early,” he concluded.



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