• 05 November 2020
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9.285 Visitors Was Visited Tanah Lot on Long Holiday Last October

9.285 Visitors Was Visited Tanah Lot on Long Holiday Last October

The long holiday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW's Birthday, which took place from Wednesday (10/28/2020) to Sunday (1/11/2020), had a significant impact on visits to the Tanah Lot tourist attraction. The data on visits during the long holiday are:

    Wednesday (28/10/2020): 1,248 people
    Thursday (29/10/2020): 2,026 people
    Friday (30/10/2020): 2,125 people
    Saturday (31/10/2020): 2,145 people
    Sunday (1/11/2020): 1,741 people

Operations Manager of Tanah Lot, Ketut Toya Adnyana, said the long holiday last weekend had an impact on increasing tourist visits than usual during the pandemic. The increase in visits has been started since last Wednesday (10/28/2020). On a normal day of the COVID-19 pandemic, the average visit to Tanah Lot is only 600 people per day.

The increase in visits was mostly contributed by domestic tourists who came by private vehicles and some who used buses. Despite an increase in the number of tourists, the Tanah Lot management did not impose restrictions. "But we always tell visitors who forget to wear or don't wear a mask properly, to always wear according to health protocols. In addition, we always remind tourists to keep their distance and wash their hands in the space provided," he said.



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