• 28 Desember 2020
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Ten Thousand Visitors at Tanah Lot for Three Days

Ten Thousand Visitors at Tanah Lot for Three Days

The Christmas holidays and weekends are indeed used by some people for holidays. One of them is at Tanah Lot, a favorite destination for domestic and foreign tourists. In a period of three days starting from Friday (25/12) to Sunday (27/12), the number of visits to Tanah Lot Bali reached 10,405 people, dominated by domestic tourists. With detailed data as follows: Friday (25/12) : 3,298, Saturday (26/12) : 3,663, and Sunday (27/12) : 3,444 tourists.

The management of Tanah Lot always remind tourists to implement health protocols while on site. Starting from keeping the mask on properly, keeping a distance, and washing hands in the places provided. In addition, appeals were also conveyed through loudspeakers and direct interaction by officers in the field.

In the current uncertain weather situation, the management also warns every visitor to be aware of changing weather.



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