• 20 Maret 2021
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Tanah Lot Enthusiastically Welcomes the Free Covid Corridor Program

Tanah Lot Enthusiastically Welcomes the Free Covid Corridor Program

After approximately a year of tourism in Bali experiencing a downturn due to Covid-19, the Free Covid Corridor Program is a new hope to raise enthusiasm for tourism actors including Tanah Lot. I Wayan Sudiana, S.E. as the operational manager of the Tanah Lot DTW, explained that Tanah Lot was very welcoming and enthusiastic about the Free Covid Corridor program launched by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. The program, which was planned for the first time starting from Bali.

The Free Covid Corridor program, continued Sudiana, must of course be supported by a positive market stigma regarding the safety of tourism actors and other stakeholders in Bali. With the commencement of vaccination by several parties and vaccination for tourism actors to be targeted this March will further increase confidence that this program will run as expected. "We think vaccination for tourism actors is a colossal step for the revival of tourism and raises a positive stigma for the realization of the Free Covid Corridor program and the travel bubble in the future," he said.

Sudiana hopes that if vaccination has been carried out and the local government can reduce the spread of the Corona virus, a green zone will start to appear in areas in Bali. And, the opening of the door to foreign tourists can be done immediately. To deal with the explosion of both domestic and foreign tourists, Tanah Lot itself, said Manager Sudiana, has made various efforts and has now received a certificate of eligibility from the local government as well as a CHSE certificate from the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

"Apart from the preparations we have done, of course, we emphasize more on the discipline of implementing and monitoring health protocols for both tourists and stakeholders in Tanah Lot. So far, we have carried out according to CHSE standards such as checking body temperature, maintaining distance, washing hands regularly or using hand sanitizers, avoiding crowds, and wearing masks properly, "he said.

He also said that apart from providing washbasins and hand sanitizers at strategic posts to the beach area, as well as routine appeals through loudspeakers, he also made direct approaches to visitors by officers in the field. This health protocol does not only apply to tourists and stake holders, as well as all Tanah Lot staff. "We are still maintaining and caring for the Tanah Lot area, even though the visit is still not normal," he said. As a tourism actor, of course he really hopes that this pandemic will soon pass and tourism conditions can gradually recover. So that foreign tourists can immediately visit, especially to Tanah Lot. "" Because this tourism greatly affects the economy of Bali in general, " he concluded.



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