• 02 April 2021
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Easter Holiday, Tanah Lot Fulfilled with Visitors

Easter Holiday, Tanah Lot Fulfilled with Visitors

Many tourists begin to arrive at destinations or tourist attractions during the Easter holidays. Travelers who are predominantly domestic tourists visit tourist attractions using buses or groups and using private cars. From the observation in the area, many buses and four-wheeled vehicles with plates outside Bali entered the area. Among them are from East Java, West Java and Jakarta. According to the Operations Manager of the Tanah Lot, Wayan Sudiana, this Easter holiday has boosted the number of tourist visits to Tanah Lot. It was recorded that as of Friday, April 2, 2021, 1,414 tourists visited and were dominated by domestic tourists.
"Since morning the buses have started arriving. And four-wheeled vehicles outside Bali were also starting to be seen entering the area in the noon. "Hopefully it will get more crowded in the afternoon," he said. He explained, tourists who come are not only families who use private vehicles, but there are also groups  using buses.
As visits have increased, the implementation of health protocols (prokes) for the prevention of Covid-19 has been tightened at Tanah Lot. In addition, each tourist who visits the area is ready with his own health care equipment. "We are still optimistic that tourist visits will increase along with the incessant free covid corridor program and the opening of green zones along with the implementation of vaccination for tourism workers," he said. "Of course, all this must be balanced with the implementation of strict health protocols", finally.



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