• 16 April 2021
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Galungan Holiday at Tanah Lot

Galungan Holiday at Tanah Lot

On Thursday (15/4/2021), Hindus in Bali celebrate Umanis Galungan Day. Generally, people celebrate by visiting relatives or having recreation with family to tourist destinations. This time, however, the atmosphere for the holiday was a little different. During Galungan Day, Wednesday (4/14/2021), Tanah Lot was visited by the people praying to the Tanah Lot Temple. Compared to tourists who travel, the people who come on the day of celebrating Dharma's victory over Adharma are seen to be more numerous. Tourists who visited during Galungan were 383 people. Meanwhile, during the Manis Galungan day, there was a significant increase of 1,307, which were dominated by local tourists.

Indeed, every Galungan holiday, Tanah Lot temple becomes a destination for Balinese Hindus to pray. In addition to praying, they can immediately enjoy recreation and spend time relaxing with their family by enjoying the natural scenery and beaches and of course with culinary tours in the area. Although most of the shopping areas choose to close during Galungan, food vendors still sell according to their shift.

"During the Galungan Holiday, indeed more people were praying who came. However, during Manis Galungan day, local tourists with families and domestic tourists are also there, ”said Wayan Sudiana as Operational Manager of Tanah Lot.

Another case with one of the domestic tourists from Surabaya, Dima Indahwati. He feels happy but also sad about the current tourism situation. "Actually there is joy and sadness with the situation like this time. I am happy because I can be satisfied taking pictures according to the desired spot, but sad because usually Tanah Lot has always been full of tourists," said Dhima Indahwati, one of the tourists. "Hopefully it can be normal like before," he added.

Meanwhile, Putu Yani, one of the worshipers said that she went to Tanah Lot to pray. However, due to high tide, she and her family prayed at Pura Penyawang Tanah Lot only. "My family and I really want to pray here, but when the water is high, it's enough to reach Penyawang Temple," she said. "Then because we are already here, we just take a break and have lunch while waiting for the afternoon. Incidentally, I like the rujak at Tanah Lot the most, so buy the salad here as well, "she ended.



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