• 20 April 2021
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Second Vaccination, Tanah Lot Goes to the Green Zone

Second Vaccination, Tanah Lot Goes to the Green Zone

Tanah Lot has started its Phase II vaccination Tuesday (April 20, 2021). This is in line with the Tabanan Regency Government's plan to propose Tanah Lot, as one of the green zone areas, in response to the planned implementation of the Free Covid Corridor (FCC) program.

The Operational Manager of Tanah Lot, I Wayan Sudiana, revealed that the second phase of vaccination is for employees who have previously been vaccinated and those who are in direct contact with tourists such as tickets, checkers, public relations and lifeguards. The new vaccination is targeting 50 people from a total of 147 people in Tanah Lot management. And the rest will return to participate in the mass vaccination program in Beraban Village next May. "Currently undergoing vaccination phase II are 50 employees who were previously vaccinated and the rest will be mass vaccinated in Beraban Village," he said.

While waiting for the next vaccination stage to reach all management and stake holders in the Tanah Lot area, his party continues to strictly carry out the health protocol according to the provisions in preparation for the green zone. One of them is by carrying out guarding and monitoring in the field for tourists visiting the area who have pocketed a CHSE (Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability Standards) certificate from the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.



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