• 05 Mei 2021
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Tanah Lot Ready to Welcome Tourists During Idul Fitri Holidays

Tanah Lot Ready to Welcome Tourists During Idul Fitri Holidays

Eid holidays are just counting the days. Although the central government has issued a ban on homecoming which takes from May 6-17, 2021, tourism activities are still allowed within the framework of micro-scale PPK or traveling in domicile areas while still implementing the health protocol discipline.

This has not deterred a number of tourist attractions from preparing to welcome visitors on this Eid holiday. Likewise with the Tanah Lot DTW, preparations for the holidays have started. In addition to completing strategic points with hand washing and hand sanitizer facilities, as well as pocketing a CHSE certificate from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the vaccination process for tourism workers and stake holders in the area has also been carried out.

"This vaccination is our support for government programs in order to reduce the transmission of Covid-19, as well as to anticipate the possibility of a surge in tourists on the Idul Fitri holiday," said I Wayan Sudiana, Operations Manager of Tanah Lot. With the support of the local government, his party is very enthusiastic about participating in the administration of vaccines in accordance with established procedures.

Employees are an important element in getting vaccinated because there will be many different visitors, especially during the Lebaran holidays. The tourist attraction is one of the places where access in and out of people is quite high, so health protocols are very important including Covid-19 vaccination. Moreover, soon we want to enter the Eid holiday, "he continued.

In addition, as a precautionary measure, his party continues to implement strict health protocols (wearing standard masks, washing hands, maintaining distance, increasing body immunity, and obeying regulations) in tourist areas. The goal is that visitors remain safe, comfortable, and guaranteed health during their trip. "Even though we have been vaccinated, health protocols are still being carried out, starting from entry, ticket gate, ticket checking gate and while in the area," he concluded.



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