• 15 Mei 2021
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Local Tourists Fulfill Tanah Lot on Eid Mubarak Holiday

Local Tourists Fulfill Tanah Lot on Eid Mubarak Holiday

A number of tourists have begun to holiday on the Eid Mubarak holiday which falls on May 13-14, 2021 by arriving to tourist destinations or attractions. Travelers who are predominantly local tourists visit tourist attractions using two-wheeled vehicles and private cars. Monitoring in the area, many two-wheeled vehicles and four-wheeled vehicles with Balinese plates entered the area. With the ban on going home and traveling on a micro or local scale ppkm by the central government, the tourist area is visited by local tourists, as well as in Tanah Lot. According to the Operations Manager of the Tanah Lot, Wayan Sudiana, the Eid Mubarak holiday has boosted the number of tourist visits to Tanah Lot. As many as 1,248 tourists, 13 May 2021 and Friday, 14 May 2021, recorded 1,353 tourists who visited and were dominated by local tourists.

"Since morning two-wheeled vehicles have started arriving. And by noon four-wheeled Balinese license plates were also seen entering the area. "Hopefully it will get more crowded by late afternoon," he said. He explained, the tourists who come are predominantly local tourists who use private vehicles due to the central government's policy regarding the Eid Mubarak holiday this time.

Along with increasing visits, the implementation of health protocols (prokes) for the prevention of Covid-19 remains tightened at the Tanah Lot area. In addition, each tourist who visits the area is ready with his own health care equipment. "We are still optimistic that tourist visits will increase along with the incessant free covid corridor program and the opening of green zones along with the implementation of vaccination for tourism workers," he said. "Of course, all this must be balanced with the implementation of strict health protocols", finally.



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