• 21 Juni 2021
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Tanah Lot Ready to Welcome Bali Open Border

Tanah Lot Ready to Welcome Bali Open Border

Tanah Lot Tourist Attraction is ready to welcome the Bali Open Border discourse, which is planned for next July. This readiness is because Tanah Lot DTW is one of the areas prepared for the green zone.

Tanah Lot Operations Manager ; I Wayan Sudiana, said that Tanah Lot is ready to welcome the Bali Open Border in July because tourism workers and communities around the area have been vaccinated and the existing characteristics are destinations that highlight the beauty of nature or open spaces. “Essentially, we are very ready if this program is realized in July. Vaccination of workers and the surrounding community has been carried out and of course we will continue to tighten health protocols for workers, tourists and other stakeholders in the area, "he said.

However, with the realization of an open border, according to him, it does not necessarily increase foreign tourist visits. His prediction is that this will be a momentum to give an idea to the world that Bali can be visited, vaccinations have been carried out on a massive scale and Covid-19 cases have been sloping.

"The Bali Open Border may not significantly increase foreign tourist arrivals, because this July, a travel bubble trial will be conducted with only two countries, namely Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. However, this can be a momentum to restore the image of Bali tourism in the eyes of the world that Bali in general and Tanah Lot in particular are ready to be visited,” he concluded.



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