• 04 Desember 2021
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Domesctic Tourists at Tanah Lot

Domesctic Tourists at Tanah Lot

The number of tourists who come to the Tanah Lot Bali Tourist Attraction has indeed started to show an increase. However, the number of tourists who are dominated by domestic tourists is not that significant.

Based on the data, the number of visits during the November 2021 period reached 41,905 people. Tourist visits during November 2021 were more than tourist arrivals in 2020 in the same month. In 2020 there were 31,601 visitors. Whereas in 2019, before the pandemic, there were 203,573 visitors.



Eid Holidays, Tanah Lot is Crowded with Tourists

  • 05 Mei 2022
  • During the Eid Holiday, the number of tourist visits to Tanah Lot has increased. From the data, tourist visit has begun to be seen during the joint leave holiday until May 3, 2022, the number has crossed 9,3 [...]

Foreign Tourist Start Visiting Tanah Lot

  • 23 Maret 2022
  • The country of foreign tourists who visit the Tanah Lot Tourist Attraction is increasingly varied. Recently, some of the foreign tourists who came from India, but through a travel bubble/corridor system. [...]

Tourist Visit at Tanah Lot During Nyepi Holiday

  • 08 Maret 2022
  • Tanah Lot Tourist Attraction is always interesting to visit. Every holiday, the number of tourist visits always flows. Moreover, after Tanah Lot, which is located in Beraban Village, Kediri District, Tabanan [...]