• 08 Maret 2022
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Tourist Visit at Tanah Lot During Nyepi Holiday

Tourist Visit at Tanah Lot During Nyepi Holiday

Tanah Lot Tourist Attraction is always interesting to visit. Every holiday, the number of tourist visits always flows. Moreover, after Tanah Lot, which is located in Beraban Village, Kediri District, Tabanan Regency, Bali, has implemented the Health Protocol during this pandemic, so that the safety and comfort of visitors is always maintained. For example, on the Ngembak Geni holiday, domestic tourists and local residents mingle together to enjoy the beauty of the object which is a blend of culture and nature.

Tanah Lot Operations Manager, I Wayan Sudiana said, Tanah Lot is an option for tourists to spend their holidays. Based on records from the manager, the number of tourist visits on Ngembak Geni Day, March 4, 2022, was 1,327 tourists. The next day, March 5, visits moved up to 1,628 tourists. However, on Sunday 6 March, the number of visits decreased slightly to 1,269 tourists. "The visit is dominated by domestic tourists who are on vacation in Bali," he said.

Although not as busy as before the pandemic, during this pandemic the number of visits is always there. That means, mainly domestic tourists from cities on the island of Java still remember tourist attractions that offer beautiful sunsets. The temple in the middle of the sea becomes the attraction of every tourist who visits. They constantly use Tanah Lot Temple as the background for their photos or selfies. Besides that, passing in the sand to washing hands or face in holy water is mostly done by tourists. Many also sit in the garden area enjoying the peaceful natural atmosphere.

Interestingly, the tourists visiting the Tanah Lot area were ready with their own medical equipment, such as wearing masks correctly, bringing their own hand sanitizer and always keeping their distance while in the object area. Besides that, Tanah Lot has indeed prepared itself to welcome tourists. Apart from equipping strategic points with various health care facilities, such as hand washing facilities and hand sanitizers, he also routinely sprays areas with disinfectant. "Tanah Lot has also won a Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environment Sustainability (CHSE) certificate from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy," he concluded.



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