• 23 Maret 2022
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Foreign Tourist Start Visiting Tanah Lot

Foreign Tourist Start Visiting Tanah Lot

The country of foreign tourists who visit the Tanah Lot Tourist Attraction is increasingly varied. Recently, some of the foreign tourists who came from India, but through a travel bubble/corridor system.

Operations Manager of Tanah Lot, Wayan Sudiana, Wednesday (23/3), revealed that previously Tanah Lot was only visited by foreign tourists from the Netherlands, Australia and Malaysia following the issuance of Visa on Arrival (VoA) of 23 countries. Recently, the number of tourists who have come has become more diverse. One of them from India who visited earlier this week. "The number of arrivals of foreign tourists from India still a little bit," he said.

According to him, the arrival of foreign tourists from India through the travel bubble system due to the expansion of VoA from 23 countries to 42 countries, one of which was India, only took effect Tuesday (22/3). Apart from tourists from India, Tanah Lot was also visited by tourists from Russia and Denmark.

He hopes that the expansion of VoA to 42 countries will be able to increase the number of foreign tourists visiting Tanah Lot. Moreover, India and China, which are quite large contributors to the arrival of foreign tourists before the Covid-19 pandemic, and the two countries are included in the expansion of VoA specifically for tourism entering Bali at this time. However, the increase in foreign tourists visiting the impact of this policy will occur gradually.

Sudiana explained, on Tuesday (22/3) the number of foreign tourists visiting Tanah Lot reached 90 people. This figure has increased from the previous position which was only in the range of 30-40 people per day. In the same period, wisdom visits to Tanah Lot reached 2,000 people. The number of domestic visits has also experienced an increasing trend as a result of the repeal of the mandatory PCR test to Bali. “The number of visits by foreign tourists and domestic has both increased. On Tuesday, tourists who came to Tanah Lot reached 2,300 people," he said.



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