• 10 Juni 2022
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Tanah Lot Filled With Visitors During Galungan Holiday

Tanah Lot Filled With Visitors During Galungan Holiday

Tanah Lot tourist attraction in Beraban Village, Kediri District, Tabanan, is filled with domestic and foreign tourists on the Galungan holiday. Two-wheeled, four-wheeled and six-wheeled vehicles have started arriving since morning. Although the visitors were very crowded because it coincided with the school holiday, the manager of the Tanah Lot did not prepare any special preparations.

The crowded situation of visitors to Tanah Lot will last until Sunday. Moreover, in Tanah Lot there will be two religious activities, namely on June 18, 2022 there will be a piodalan at Pakendungan temple. Then, at the Tanah Lot Temple will take place from 22-25 June 2022.

Meanwhile, preparations for the temple ceremony have already begun. So that for the next two weeks Tanah Lot will be filled with people, both Hindus (pemedek) who want to pray, as well as tourists or visitors who want to witness the prayer process.

Tanah Lot Operations Manager, I Wayan Sudiana said during the Galungan holiday, visits were dominated by domestic tourists, where on Wednesday (8/6) there were 3,152 tourists and Thursday (9/6) there were 4,234 tourists.

"From our observations during Galungan, the number of tourists is dominated by domestic tourists, but if the local people mostly pray, we don't collect tickets," he said.

"Moreover, this month there will also be two religious activities at Tanah Lot, namely Pujawali at Pakendungan temple on Kuningan Day and Tanah Lot temple just three days after Kuningan, on Wednesday, Buddha Wage Langkir," he added.



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