• 09 September 2022
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Enjung Galuh's Selfie Spot is Re-opened

Enjung Galuh's Selfie Spot is Re-opened

The Enjung Galuh Selfie Spot at Tanah Lot is re-opened. The opening of this selfie spot is expected to boost the number of tourist visits to Tanah Lot. Tanah Lot Operations Manager; Wayan Sudiana hopes when the Enjung Galuh selfie spot is reopened, there will be more selfie destinations in Tanah Lot. "Tourists can have more options for taking selfies in Tanah Lot," he explained.

Regarding the number of tourist visits to Tanah Lot during the first semester of 2022, Sudiana said that there was an increase compared to the first semester of 2021. During 2021, tourist visits were recorded at 274,037 people, while in the first semester of 2022, the number of visits had reached 475,257 people.

Of these, 80 percent (420,535) of them are domestic tourists while the other 20 percent (54,722) are foreign tourists. For foreign tourists, it is still dominated by Vietnam, Australia and India, Russia, Belgium, Spain and several countries on the European continent. "In the future, we still hope that Chinese tourists will come back, because before the pandemic the number of tourist arrivals from China ranked second after Australia. Hopefully flights from China will reopen soon," he hoped.




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