• 08 Maret 2020
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Tanah Lot Will Held Tanah Lot Art & Food Festival #3 2020

Tanah Lot Will Held Tanah Lot Art & Food Festival #3 2020

Tanah Lot is ready to hold an arts, culture and culinary festival which is even better than in last 2018. The cultural and culinary event that is entering its third year will be held again on March 13-15, 2020. Tanah Lot Art & Food Festival # 3 with the theme "Tirta Kamandalu" or holy spring from the sea as a source of life, certainly will be more lively . The reason is, coupled with staging 1,000 Okokan Colossal.

The atmosphere of Tanah Lot Art & Food Festival # 3 will be more lively because it is also filled with entertainment such as the hits singer Andmesh and the famous presenter, Indra Herlambang. While the local Balinese artists who performed, such as Lawak Trio Celekontong Mas, STI Bali, Bondres Dwi Mekar Buleleng, Leeyonk Sinatra, Harmonia Band, Dek Ulik, Widi Widiana, Sound of Mine, and well-known ethnic musicians such as Balawan and Gita Bhaskara Ethnic . This event will become thicker with its traditional aroma, because it is colored with various culinary and typical Tabanan coffee.

Aside from presenting Okokan Colossal, this event also presents Culinary Legend such as Pepes Telengis, Jukut Roroban, and Jaje Leburan, whose existence is now rarely found in the community. So this festival is expected to be able to awaken the culinary potential to remain known and be a commercial community for the people of Tabanan later.

Also new at this year's festival is more highlighting the typical culinary and coffee Tabanan. Visitors will be invited to see the process of making culinary and coffee compounding processes by experienced chefs and baristas. And at certain times there will be a Free Test  Food for visitors, so it can be tried for free culinary and coffee that has been prepared beforehand. The culinary stand presents unique culinary in Tabanan Regency and of course each menu that is displayed is different from one another. As for the coffee stand filled with famous coffee in Tabanan, such as Leak Kopi, M Aboe Thalib, Kikopi, Kopi Kita Serasi, Tugu Sari Pajahan, Kedai Kopi Kemieri, Kedai Nikung, Pelangi Coffe and others.



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