• 16 Oktober 2019
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Tanah Lot Apply Electronic Ticket

Tanah Lot Apply Electronic Ticket

The implementation of elektronik ticket which is the first program in Bali was inaugurated by the Regent of Tabanan Ni Putu Eka Wiryastuti, Wednesday (10/16) morning at 10.00 Wita. The application of elektronik ticket at Tanah Lot is not yet equipped with an e-money system. The application is still manual, where visitors who come through the entrance, make payments in cash, while the management of Tanah Lot provides barcode receipts.

The barcode is given after the officer has entered the data with the scanner. Data in this system is directly recorded into the bank. Later, this barcode will again be checked at the second entrance by the ticket clerk to ascertain its validity level. The Regent of Tabanan, Putu Eka Wiryastuti, stated that
elektronik ticket at Tanah Lot has been discussed since 2 years ago. In fact, in every plenary meeting at the Tabanan DPRD, almost always being asked about the application of elektronik ticket. After proceeding for 2 years, the application of elektronik ticket was finally realized.

"The application of
elektronik ticket in Tanah Lot has long been realized, because it is still looking for a suitable format. Now it has been realized and this elektronik ticket system is the first in Bali," said Regent Eka Wiryastuti.

According to Eka Wiryastuti, the application of elektronik ticket at Tanah Lot in collaboration with BPD Bali. The budget is pure assistance from BPD Bali, because the red plate bank has a special program and is a pilot project for implementing the non-cash system.

It is planned that the elektronik ticket system will also be implemented at Ulun Danu Beratan DTW (Candikuning Village, Baturiti District, Tabanan) and Jatiluwih DTW (Jatiluwih Village, Penebel District, Tabanan). Eka Wiryastuti acknowledged that this elektronik ticket system was truly transparent, accountable, effective and efficient.

After all, today is a digital world. In the future, ticket sales will be applied online at Tanah Lot. "So, for travel agents who will bring more than 100 guests, they can order in advance so they don't have to queue in front of the entrance," she explained.

In fact, said Eka Wiryastuti, in the future the implementation of elektronik ticket will be improved by using e-money in the payment system. Now it is still implemented step by step, so that visitors and the public understand that this time is digital. "Now there are still 12 gates. BPD Bali has helped 5 gates, the remaining 7 gates are provided by Tanah Lot management," said the Regent of Tabanan two period.

Meanwhile, Tanah Lot Manager, I Ketut Toya Adnyana, said that the application of elektronik ticket does not currently use e-money. That is, visitors (tourists) who come to Tanah Lot still pay with cash, but the data that comes through the scanner directly recorded at the bank. "In the future, the online system can also be implemented. It is still being discussed with the bank (BPD Bali), because we are working together," explained Toya Adnyana.

Toya Adnyana explained, before e-ticketing was implemented, his party had already conducted socialization and written to the travel agent. In addition, trials and training for ticket officers have also been carried out. During the trial, there were indeed problems on the internet, because its application used an internet connection. "But, to keep the internet stable, we have added reinforcing devices," he said.

Touched on the profit target by implementing e-ticketing at Tanah Lot DTW, Toya Adnyana could not be sure. The reason is that the purpose of implementing e-ticketing is in addition to preventing the possibility of leakage, the most important thing is to improve services to provide convenience for visitors to Tanah Lot. "However, as long as I hold (becoming the Tanah Lot, Red DTW Manager), there is no chance of a leak. Because the tickets given by the government are not playing games," said Toya Adnyana.



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