• 14 Maret 2020
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Tanah Lot Art & Food Festival # 3 Selfie Spot Invaded by Visitors

Tanah Lot Art & Food Festival # 3 Selfie Spot Invaded by Visitors

Tanah Lot Art & Food Festival #3 really look different, as part of attracting the visitors, the committee provides several selfie spots. "We put around 5 selfie spots that are decorated in a classic and unique style," said Toya Adnyana, as the Tanah Lot Operational Manager.

Besides designing a selfie spot, Tanah Lot Art & Food Festival # 3 this year will also spoil visitors by presenting the "Coffee and Culinary ClinicS" as one of the other Iconic events, which will provide space for tourists and the general public to get to know the Culinary Legend better Tabanan which has begun to be abandoned, such as Pepesan Telengis, Jukut Roroban, jaje Ieburan, Klepon with the theme "Boga Bali Lawas".

In total there are 5 selfie spots plus some decorations that are guaranteed to make the photos of the visitors more beautiful. Even before the festival began many visitors took the photo dispot. "There is a name called crazy bamboo with verilight lights, then umbrellas that are hung with verilight lights, then dry trees with white leaves which are also decorated with lights, and many more," he explained.

At the opening of the festival yesterday, thousands of visitors poured into the Tanah Lot area. Most certainly eyeing selfie spots that have been provided. Most of them are young people who are now very fond of instagramable spots for them to make content on their each social media.



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