• 25 Agustus 2020
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19,195 Tourists Was Visited Tanah Lot on July 20 - August 24, 2020

19,195 Tourists Was Visited Tanah Lot on July 20 - August 24, 2020

Tourist visits to Tanah Lot in Beraban Village, Kediri District, Tabanan began to crawl up. The increase in visits is usually seen when the week end arrives. The total number of visits since the opening of the tourist attraction on July 20, 2020 to August 24, 2020, was 19,195 people. Operational Manager of Tanah Lot, Ketut Toya Adnyana, said that the total number of visits since the opening of the object until August 24, 2020 had reached 19,195 people. In details, 18,505 domestic tourists and 690 foreign tourists. "The foreigners may have lived in Bali and Indonesia for a long time, so they can travel," said Toya Adnyana.

Meanwhile, domestic tourists dominant from Bali. However, seen from the vehicle number plates, there are already tourists from outside Bali traveling to Tanah Lot. "We can see that from the number plates of the vehicles that visit, more are from Bali," added Toya Adnyana. However, Toya Adnyana admits that he is grateful that there has been a movement of visits to Tanah Lot, although it is not completely normal.

He added, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Tanah Lot had not reduced ticket prices or provided discounts. Because the ticket price has been regulated in a decree from the general chairman of the management. "Since it was open until today, normal rates are still applied. Because we cannot give discounts to visitors suddenly, "said Toya Adnyana.

Entrance ticket rates for Tanah Lot, domestic adult Rp. 20,000 per person, domestic children Rp. 15,000 per person.  Foreign adult Rp. 60,000, foreign children Rp. 30,000.



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