Tri Antaka Monument


Since March 1946, the NICA (Netherlands Indies Civil Administration) had already full power in Tabanan Town. There is a man “I Gusti Ketut Kereg” and his friend “I Wayan Kamias” at that time was given an assignment to be a spy for the Main Army Station of Republic of Indonesia Fights Council under leader of Letkol I Gusti Ngurah Rai to fight against the NICA army. All the Indonesian freedom fighter of Tabanan including I Gusti Ketut Kereg and his friend started to search safe place in some villages in the South of Tabanan and keep fighting. Until June 10th 1946 they was hemmed in Tanah Lot Area and started to fire at each other with NICA army, so that I Gusti Ketut Kereg and his friend was killed and NICA army also had successful prisoner 90 the other Indonesian fighters and killed one of them “I Nyoman Regug” from Beraban village.

To respect all the merit of their fighting against the NICA for Indonesian freedom, the Local Government with Beraban Villagers built the Monument at that place where I Gusti Ketut Kereg, I Wayan Kamias and I Nyoman Regug was killed.

The Monument name is TRI ANTAKA.