Jro Kandang Temple


Jro Kandang Temple is located in front of the right side of Njung Galuh. Almost parallel to the path with Galuh Temple (Pura Enjung Galuh).

In line with its coronation, according to local information, this Jro Kandang Temple is a sacred place to worship the god as the ruler of various forms and types of pests, such as rats, walang sangit, rice-eating birds, cadang ludus, damuh lengis and so on. It also includes seeking Tirtha (holy water) for the healing of sarwa wewalungan (livestock and crops) affected by disease.

Because the Manifestation of God as Jro Kandang, an embodiment that has the position and function to confine allpests or in other words in Rontal Sritattwa, the istadewata that resides in Jro Kandang Temple, is Hyang Widhi's prabhawa which has the power to confine "nangkluk mrana", various plantpests and viceversa according to "pangaladesa" will release plant pests if people are negligent in carrying out their religious duty.

The day of Pujawali Pura Jro Kandang, according to the Balinese calendar, is on Saturday Kliwon, Wara Uye, weton sarwa wawalungan, especially livestock.